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The Only True Betrayal is Soul Betrayal

The Only True Betrayal is Soul Betrayal…

This message came to me again and again through meditation, Earth Angels, Healers, and my Higher Self.

I was devoting myself to my Soul, my life to my Soul…I was my own Soulmate…so WHAT HAPPENED?

Well not much…only my ENTIRE life doing a 180!

I realized that my number one priority in life (since I was BORN) was Spiritual Awakening and Creating Heaven on Earth within me and around me. At 15 I had a calling that I thought was to become a Nun, so naturally I went out and got HAMMERED at a keg party. No way was I (boy crazy and party animal Cora) going to be a Nun!

Now, I know it was a Call to serving Spirit and Source in my way. The call of the Modern Mystic.

I began a Journey into the heart of God, Truth, and my own Authentic Path. This adventure has led me into the Darkness of my own Self Judgment, Shame, and Guilt, the depths of my HUMANNESS, so I could heal and forgive myself more fully, experiencing greater Unconditional Love and Self Acceptance as a Way of Being.

I have also embodied more Healing, Ecstasy, Light, and Bliss than I ever thought imaginable. I have touched Heaven and remembered where we came from experiencing Oneness multiple times.

This Path has taken me to Peru and Shamanic Healing, to Santa Monica for a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and to the co-creating (with Source) a magical Spiritual and Life Coaching Business that I ADORE.

My Journey has led me to my true Soul Tribe and Soul Family (I love you all so much), my Teachers and Guides, other enchanted beings in this world, waking up to our True Identity as Essence, Soul, Divine energy, in a Human Costumes. Earth Angels here to co-create Heaven on Earth.

Now, I know it was a Call to serving Spirit and Source in my way. The call of the Modern Mystic.

And most recently God has called me to the next chapter for now, the life of a mostly Nomadic Modern Mystic. All of my earthly items fit in 1.5 suitcases.

This path is NOT for the faint of Heart. I have been asked to let go of jobs, friendships, habits, addictions, material items, animals, even a solid marriage. I have stepped into the Unknown, leapt into the dark, taken myself to the Edge of my Comfort Zone time and time again, all in Service to a Deeper Calling of Truth within me.

Even in the fear and discomfort, I have never felt more alive and ON PURPOSE and THIS is why I am “coming out” of the closet as a Modern Mystic, and announcing my new business, Soul Awakening Journeys.

If I can learn to live, lead, and THRIVE from the Heart and Soul, from Truth, then ANYONE can take the plunge. I believe that when we live from the Heart and Soul, we create Heaven on Earth both within us and around us. WHOAH. Yes please. Who is IN!?

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