I have Been Hiding

I have been hiding.

Most of you haven’t heard from me through email in YEARS. It’s not personal. I’ve just been in a cocoon of sorts. Searching. Questing. Exploring.

Here’s why…

My tagline for Sexy Soul Wellness, my Holistic Health Coaching Business, was “Love your Body, Own Your Power, Live Your Dreams.” I focused on Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance.

Five years ago, I was telling a new friend about my business and shared the statement above with her. She paused, looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “So it sounds like you help other people own their power, but you haven’t done that for YOURSELF yet.”

I wanted to punch her in the face. I didn’t.

Yet, I knew that she was speaking Truth. We teach what we most need to learn, right? So I eventually embraced this invitation to Rise.

What transpired in the subsequent years, reminds me of a Choose your Own Adventure Book, my favorites from when I was a kid, or maybe the computer game “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego”, or my nickname Cora the Explora. 🙂

I SOUL dived into a journey of owning my Power, claiming my Truth, listening to my Soul’s voice, and living, learning, leading, and THRIVING from there. The journey is still in in process, yet there is so much to share.

So it sounds like you help other people own their power, but you haven’t done that for YOURSELF yet.

I have delved into the following questions, among others:

Who am I?

Why am I here on this Earth?

Do I REALLY want to be here?

What is the meaning of my life?

What is my Shadow and Darkness and can I face it?

What is my message for the Planet?

WHAT, pray God, is my TRUTH?

Do I have these answers? Or just more questions? What have I found??

Stay tuned for more!!!

  • Patricia Rambo Chamberlain

    I understand, the same is happening to me.

    July 11, 2016 at 8:20 am
  • Leela Davis

    I am a month from graduating from IIN, and learned about your coaching through the coursework. I have been on a self-discovery quest for YEARS, because for nearly 4 decades I was struggling with emotional/mental health challenges that are conventionally believed to be chronic and incurable. Through my dedication to self-discovery, I proved the experts wrong, for ME, by proving that there is a way to find balance and health and free myself of my symptoms. I may still be susceptible to the symptoms if I don’t eat write, or indulge in a negative mindset, skip meditating, or I don’t live in alignment with my heart’s desires BUT as long as I do – I am free from the suffering I experienced for decades.

    Honestly when I saw the videotape of your presentation, I could see your spirit shining, and this is what impressed me the most. I often think people see our light better than we do at times.

    July 15, 2020 at 10:54 pm
  • Irene

    I second everything that Leela (above) said. I heard not just your words, but saw God’s light shining through you, and that is what led me to your blog. I just graduated from IIN this month and appreciated the depth and authenticity you brought to the experience. Thank you <3

    January 14, 2021 at 4:16 pm

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