Will you come to my Soul Party?

Psssssst! Come in close.




I have a special invitation for you!


My smitten heart is excited to invite you to not one, but THREE exciting Soul Parties happening around the world this year with me! Will you come party with me?!


Let’s play, heal, create, love and raise our vibrations (and that of the planet) TOGETHER!


One of my absolute favorite things is connecting with people in person. Between the eye gazing and the transformation it is such a magical time. And, I can’t think of a better way to spend time with you than in one of my three favorite places! So, I’m inviting you to take a peek at the three locations below and let your heart choose. Let your intuition lead the way!!


– Are you coming to rural paradise to embrace inner and outer Freedom with me on Kauai?!?
– Are you letting your Business Queen/King energy reign in Beverly Hills, CA?
– Or, are you diving into your mystical, medicine woman energy in Peru?!
– Or, perhaps you’re ready to feed all threes sides of yourself?!


I can’t wait. Let’s do this!!


“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” – Anna Quindlen


Here are some of the juicy options:



June: Beverly Hills


Business Breakthrough Retreat for fellow Heart and Soul Centered Entrepreneurs


4 days


Love, are YOU ready to expand your current business without getting too mental or stressed about it? Are you ready to grow into 6 figures or even up-level from there?


I am so excited to be partnering AJ, a powerhouse of brilliant business strategy and support, and his incredible Team..  Together we are sharing the top keys and powerful components that make this kind of growth not only possible but FUN!


AJ is going to give you the business know how to grow your business the way you’ve always dreamed and I’m going to dive into how to stay present and true to your heart and soul through the entire process! No more stressful launches for you! No selling out necessary EVER.



July: Peru


Soul Journey Pilgrimage to the Sacred Valley for healing, adventuring, and Soul Alignment


2 weeks


I don’t just shine a light on your true path. I help you access your own Lamp.


Are you ready to SHINE, LOVE, and LIVE Limitlessly?  


Then join the Incredible Ginny Muir and I as we head down to Peru this summer.   Our days will be filled with visiting sacred sites (including Machu Picchu), hiking through ruins, working with our amazing Shaman/Mentor in Sacred Ceremonies,  and building and deepening connections with ourselves and each other.


You can expect inner and outer transformation and regeneration on ALL levels.



October: Kauai


AWAKEN Retreat: What if you were more than you Life Story?


4 days


Come play, heal, and up-level your inner and outer lives in PARADISE.


Join my amazing friend and guide Jennifer Guerrette as we help you re-write your Life Story so you can live miracles, magic, and flow.


We will be role playing, luxuriating, exploring the land, connecting and building community, and most importantly, getting out of our own ways!! You will enjoy leaving the retreat Present, trusting, high vibrational, and on fire with ALIVENESS.


Please contact me for more information about these opportunities by responding to this email.




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