Our Individual and Collective Destiny is to live Heaven on Earth

Within each of us, there is a calling, a whisper,
inviting us to remember who we really are,
where we came from and why we are here.

An invitation to co-create Heaven on Earth
within us and around us.
We all have that calling. It’s not just the chosen few
– it’s the chosen ALL
– but how much are we listening? Each of us?

Are we turning off the brain, the fears, the doubts, the shoulds?
Are we listening to the Voice of Wisdom within ourselves?

Heaven on Earth is available to us at all times.
It is something we choose
to curate and cultivate within.
It feels like peace, bliss, trust, joy, magic,
and miracles as a way of being.
Most of us spend our time looking outside of ourselves
for a sense of wholeness and worth.
The Truth is all of this and more is available at all times
within ourselves and the embodiment of this feels like Heaven.

Love is not something we seek or find; Love is who we are.

When we are living LOVE, a partner may leave us,
we may lose a job, or feel other earth challenges,
and not be moved or shaken at our core.
Heaven on Earth is what sustains us. Everything else is fleeting.
When we are living Heaven on Earth,
we are the star of our own love story.

We are living out of our heads and in our Hearts and Souls.
This invitation to be on Earth is an incredible gift and honor….
I believe that it is the Destiny of our Collective
to create Heaven on Earth.
and is completely available to each of us during our lifetime.

As we experience Heaven on Earth within,
our external reality shifts to mirror our inner reality,
and soon we are creating a life of magic and miracles
while raising the vibration of our entire planet.


This experience is not for the faint of heart. If you are ready to go into the depths of your soul and face everything you’ve been running and hiding from and are ready to dive in with me, this is the package for you.

I invite you to Hawaii. I invite you to this sacred land for a custom curated experience. To play. To heal. To awaken.To reconnect with your Divinity. Within yourself. To create Heaven on Earth in Heaven on Earth.

The Modern Mystic Mastermind is specifically designed for healers, coaches and light workers who are ready to step into their birthright as leaders of this movement to create Heaven on Earth around the world.

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“There are only two

ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing

is a miracle. The other is

as though everything

is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein

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