Spiritually and the Modern Age of Dating

I was recently connected to the women of The Ladies Coach, talking about my dating life and they were so entertained by my stories that they asked if I’d write a guest blog for them.


Of course, I said YES! Eeeeeeee!


This week, my article was published on their site. It’s all about how to stay spiritually centered while dating in the modern age!


You can check it out HERE and I’ve included a quick preview below.







Staying Spiritually Centered While Dating In The Modern Age!

His expansive belly laugh could be heard for miles. I waited somewhat patiently on the other line for my good friend to catch his breath.


“Wait, YOU are dating?” he asked, once he could speak without choking on air.“YES.


“YES. I said, slightly offended. “What is so funny about that?”


“It’s just that you are so spiritual and soul-centered,” he said. “How does someone like you date without losing yourself in Ego and game playing?”


I was genuinely surprised by my friend’s response, but upon reflection, I began to understand.


At 15, I experienced a mystical awakening that I thought was a calling to be a Nun. I didn’t join a convent, but I have always been devoted to my spiritual journey, above all else.


I’ve always had a deep interest in spirituality and cultivated a strong connection with the angels and other realms over other humans. I even experience the Divine as my Beloved, my True Partner.


Two years ago I left a 13-year partnership to hit the road as a single Modern Mystic Nomad. Dating was not a top priority.


However, I have also found dating to be a vehicle to Higher Consciousness, rather than a block to it. As I have entered the dating scene, I have faced insecurities and judgments that I thought I dealt with years ago, which has meant deeper healing. I have also honed in on my Intuition, the Voice of my Soul as I have learned to trust my gut in various scenarios, sometimes the hard way (ie. Spiritual Smooth Talkers!)


Through my two years of adventures in conscious dating, I have formulated tips for staying present and soul-centered through all the ups and down and all arounds. Check them out here.


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