Giving Your Intuition The Middle Finger

Turn left, the Voice whispered.


LEFT?! I whined…but I thought I was hiking the dam today.


Nope, the Voice said. That was YOUR plan, not THE plan.


I grumbled. For a moment, I seriously considered giving my intuition the middle finger. But, I know this voice. And I have learned to LISTEN and RESPOND, most of the time. It’s not always easy. Clearly, I had different human plans for my hike. And, my original hike probably would have been just fine. But, I’ve learned that PURE, Divine Magic happens when I listen to this inner Knowing. I have learned to trust.


So, I followed my Intuition, the GPS of the Soul, to a super secluded beach.


I slid down the precarious path, leaning IN to trusting the process, but much of the time falling back on my bootie. 😉


Eventually, I arrived at the stretch of pristine sand before me.


There was NO ONE on this beach, except me. I immediately felt the shivers all over my body.


OH, MAHALO, thank you, I said. This is EXACTLY where I am meant to be. I created footsteps in the sand as I walked, the only pair…and then I saw…




Three giant mounds of regal grey fur laying on the sand sleeping soundly, with little stretches of their adorable flippers on occasion.


MONK SEALS. Three of them. There to greet me.

I have NEVER been so close to wildlife in this way. I sat with them on the beach. Talked to them, learned from them.


They told me to sleep more, stretch more, eat more.


They reminded me to PLAY PLAY PLAY.


I breathed slowly as I was inspired to do yoga for the first time in months. Yoga with the seals.
Look what happens when I allow my “plan” to be thrown into the fire for the Divine plan to unfold.


PURE magic. Always.




What about you?


What is your inner Knowing, your intuitive voice saying to you?  What happens when it speaks to you? Are you able to listen and follow the advice? Do you find yourself resisting or putting up excuses – even totally valid excuses like “I’m going to be late if I follow this impulse.” ?


What might shift if your life if you listened to your intuitive voice more? What is it reminding you to do?


PS. Did you know that monk seals are ENDANGERED??  If your heart is inspired, Click HERE for more info.
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