The Moment I Realized I’d Been Pretending My Entire Life!

I was a high-achiever. I set my intentions. I invested in retreats for myself. I was kind to others. I participated in everything “spiritual”, whether I truly wanted to or not.


That is until…


I had a divine meeting with a gifted mentor (A man who seemed to float, rather than walk, down the aisles of planes) said to me…


 “You’re constantly performing. You know what everybody wants you to say and you say it.” “You have no idea who you really are.”


Wow! Those words shook me to my core.


If you’ve ever felt like you were putting on an act… Or performing… Or doing the ‘right’ thing… then I invite you to listen in on this interview I did with the amazing Kiara O’Leary. 


Kiara hosts an awesome podcast called: An Inspired Life. I invite you to check it out. Definitely worth adding to you inspirational listening list!!


During the interview, Kiara asks me about…


 • What living ‘in your head’, perfectionism and head-based living looks and feels like


• My personal experience of what it feels like to switch into living true to your soul and truly surrendering to the greatness within


• Tips on how you can release your fears and allow yourself to really hear your own divine truth


• How to feel the difference in your body when you’re living from your head or your soul


• Practical guidance on how to actually let go of your perception of control and let your heart and soul guide you in life


• The truth about the challenge and pain that can be involved in surrendering, and the peace and clarity and relief that is on the other side


• The difference between manifesting from an ego-based perspective and manifesting from the soul for the highest good


Click play below to listen.



Don’t forget! If you want more…


‘Subscribe’ to Kiara’s Podcast, An Inspired Life, on iTunes or in your Android Podcast app (we recommend Podcast Addict) so you receive every inspirational update.


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