My Homecoming

Me again….

Who knew a profound Spiritual Awakening could occur on an Elliptical Machine?!

I was attending a retreat in Costa Rica, where one of my very powerful mentors and teachers, Joshua Rosenthal, gave me same direct, wise, and deeply profound guidance.

“Cora,” he said. “You are a 10 at BEING ON. You are performing all the time. You can tell what people want you to say and you say it, you use your intuition to know what people want you to do, and you do it. You have NO idea who you really are because it’s almost like you are reading a script.

Your ONE intention during this retreat is to allow yourself to turn it OFF.”

My jaw dropped and I began to cry, sob actually. I went back in time to being three years old, when my parents divorced. I remembered deciding that if I had been more upbeat, perfect, a better daughter, more ON, then none of this would be happening. Our family would have stayed together and we would have never experienced all that pain.

From that moment on I made a commitment that I would never make the same mistake again. I would ensure that I was always ON and reading everyone’s emotional needs and providing and performing and supporting constantly.

Joshua was right. I was living a lie. So I closed my eyes and spoke to my Inner 3 year old. I told her it was MORE than okay to turn it off. That she could relax, play, and just be. I told her that I would take care of her and she could feel whatever she needed to feel. And that everyone else could take care of herself or himself.

For the next 10 days of the retreat, I stayed in mostly silence. I stepped back at social engagements and observed with curiosity and neutrality. I spent much of the time in nature. I talked to myself, God, and the trees. I even channeled and connected with Soul Sisters husband who had passed away recently, helping her feel more peace.

It was a profound Homecoming on all levels.

On the last day of the retreat, I drew the Soulmate Tarot Card. WHAT?! I thought…Soulmate? Eeek! But I am married! Did I meet another soulmate? What does this mean?

To get out of my head, I went to the gym. It was on the elliptical machine where I felt a stream of golden white light coming down from the sky and into my body. I almost fell of the machine When I heard the words strong and deep. The Light was speaking…


Whoah. So simple, yet so profound. My life forever shifted from that moment.

From that moment on I made a commitment that I would never make the same mistake again.

I came home to NYC and my life was like a shoe that didn’t quite fit. I knew it was because my whole life was a mirror of my people pleasing, performing, and being ON.

Did I still want to be married? I didn’t know…

Was Health Coaching a good fit?? Your guess was as good as mine…

Did I even desire to live in NYC? Maybe…

So I began dating myself and God. I actually put the dates in my calendar. I got really intimate with myself. I became my own best friend and Beloved.

And I began to learn the voice of my Truth and my Soul…over time; this whisper became louder, and I could trust her more and more.

I felt SO much more inner peace and alignment and my outer reality began to shift to mirror that clarity within. The life of my DEEPEST dreams began to channel through me.

And yet…nothing would EVER be the same. The BOAT WAS ROCKED…

What happened next still KNOCKS my SOCKS off…more soon!

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