Shhhh! A Sneak Peak at my Book!

Recently, I began writing my first book.  Here is a sample from the Introduction that I felt called to share with you all, my amazing Soul Family.  Thank you for the love and support!


“Light houses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”
-Anne Lammott



Never in a million years did I think I would be writing a book about business!!!


Yet, here I am.


Moved by something much greater than myself to share the wisdom, experience, wipe-outs, victories, learning opportunities, drama, romance, mini-deaths, rebirths, and everything in between.




Because I am living the Dream.   I live on the island of Kauai, in Hawaii, the heart of the heart of paradise.


I travel the world to speak, lead retreats, and officiate weddings. I see my family and Soul Friends regularly.  I am in awe and wonder of constant miracles. I am thriving as a Heart and Soul Centered Entrepreneur.


And it’s all because I followed certain guidance that very few “business” folks seem to teach.  I also chose NOT to “sell out” by buying into beliefs like “You have to work 12 hours a day to be successful”, “You can’t do anything else in your life BUT your business”, “You must be a shark”, “You have to invest thousands of dollars in overhead,” and “You must have investors”.


Don’t believe the hype, people.


It may work for some, but not for me. And if you are a Highly Sensitive, Spiritually focused, Light worker woo woo type too, probably not for you either.


Call it an Old Paradigm or maybe an overly “masculine” model, but the Truth is, much marketing and business guidance is outdated and does not apply to those of us living from a Heart and Soul Centered place within.


My first three Health Coaching clients were my dad, my sister, and my cat (a geriatric feline so issues abounded).  My first workshop was in my apartment with six friends, and one of them fell asleep.  I charged my first paying client (a best friend) about 17 dollars per coaching session.


Now I run a Six-Figure Coaching practice, lead retreats all over the world, have spoken in front of thousands, and I am having SO MUCH FUN (probably the MOST profound part).


I am in deep awe and gratitude for this process and journey and feel called to share it with you, so we can all celebrate the success together, so we can invite one another to RISE.


Much of my childhood was spent in small town Kansas.

I started my first business at 9 years old.


It was called the Pet Detective Club.   My neighbor Heather and I were the co-owners, employees, PR people AND the most successful sleuths in Council Grove, Kansas.  Our posters, which we hung on every telephone pole in town, read: “The Pet Detective Club: We find lost pets and small lost children”.


As I recall we received no phone calls that summer. None. Yet it was a valiant effort and I certainly caught the Entrepreneurship bug.   However, I didn’t see many role models around me in my family and neighborhoods who were running their own companies.  And so I fell into a limited, yet common, trap.


I began to believe that I had to pick a job, vocation, or career that was safe, known, and guaranteed to provide income.


A 9-5, something that made sense to my rational mind.   Through the years, I have experienced many of these choices.


Taco Shop Cashier, Boys and Girls Club Tutor, Residential Advisor in an Orphanage, Intern for a State Politician, Elementary School Teacher, Private Tutor,  Personal Trainer, Nursery School Music Teacher, Montessori School Admissions Counselor…I could go on. And I am only 35!


And yet, all of these jobs left me feeling trapped, creatively stifled, undervalued, exhausted, and pining for time off and vacation…heck, even RETIREMENT.


Deep down I knew there was another way. I felt it in my bones, heard the whisper in my heart, the Invitation of my Soul.


And then came the fateful April evening where I met Sara Goff.  My Earth Angel, my role model of limitless possibilities, and my life would NEVER be the same.


Thank Goddess.


I am writing this book for my 9 year old self out in Kansas (and young ones everywhere),  who have Limitless Dreams, but a seemingly limited foundation of role models and information for building on these visions.  I am writing this book for all women, who after years and years of fighting for equality and freedom, are still undervalued and underpaid in the traditional workplace.  Let’s create a world where the term “glass ceiling” is an antiquated concept.  I am writing this book for anyone who has ever felt like there was a bigger dream, goal, and vision inside themselves, longing to be birthed, but felt stumped and trapped by the “How”.


I am here to tell you that if I can do it, ANYONE, can do it.


Here is one path to a life and business beyond YOUR wildest dreams.


I’d LOVE to hear from you…
Does this resonate? What were you like as a child? Did you ever start a business? What was it? What happened? How did this influence your future business aspirations? Please share below…
  • I took early retirement to care for aging parents. My Mom is now 96 but finally in long term care so I am not repurposing my life. I was an only child living in a somewhat violent military home so many moves. I do not remember much from childhood but I do remember wanting to be adopted by another family. My small business was tutoring and also providing some essential title searching to lawyers who practiced too far from the Registry Office & part-time office work. When my spouse changed jobs and we moved to a larger city then I taught ESL and law at a private college and worked part-time for corporate real estate lawyers. The four hour per day commute took its toll for sure. Because of high stress, poor quality sleep, lack of exercise in time my health took a bit of a nosedive. I have a wonderful naturopath, and endo doctor so we are working on rebalancing my health. I attend a Goddess Club, and belong to two book clubs and a knitting group. I am slowly getting my life back and in better format. I am also working on creating a new purpose for my retirement. I’m looking forward to your new book.

    January 13, 2017 at 5:08 pm
  • Hi Cora I watched you speak at IIN Live Transform Health and your idea of a heart-centered hustle has randomly often popped into my head ever sense. You resonated deeply with me. I worked in special education and a slew of other high stress jobs working with at-risk youth. While I was good at my job I wasn’t satisfied and over time poor choices-over exercising, binge drinking, etc.-became my coping mechanisms until my adrenal glands were stressed out to the max leading to thyroid issues, deep depression, and anxiety. Life fell apart completely 7 years ago and I’ve slowly rebuilt. I became certified as a Yoga teacher in 2018 and graduated from IIN this past September. I have found myself frustrated with the hustle at times as going the trouble business route feels forced to me. I’m highly empathetic and anything inauthentic makes me want to run the other direction and quite honestly I’m not one to follow the crowd. I like to do things according to how I feel and not a prescribed system. As a child I was creative and athletic. I loved to write, draw, and do crafts alongside my grandmother. You could find me with a nose in a book or running through the corn fields as well. I recall writing plays in elementary school and having other students be the actors. I had a learning disability and struggled with all subjects including reading, yet I was determined to become a writer and read the hardiest books I could check out of the library.

    November 4, 2019 at 11:08 am

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